Bringing Home the Bacon: Great Guns for Hog Hunting in Texas

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With the feral hog population in Texas still exploding, it’s more important than ever for hunters to help keep their numbers down. The official estimate of feral hogs in the Lone Star State is approximately 1.5 million, according to a report from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. However, Gene Hall of the Texas Farm Bureau noted the possibility of there being over 6 million. Whatever the number, one thing is certain: the feral hog situation in Texas has returned deadly for humans. In Anahuac, Texas, east of Houston, in November 2019,  a woman’s body was discovered between her car and the front door of the home where she worked as a caretaker for an elderly couple. She had bled to death from wounds believed to have been sustained during a feral hog attack. So what are the best weapons for hog hunting in Texas? Let’s take a look, with some help from our friends at

Where did the feral hogs originate?

Have you ever wondered where these feral hogs originated? The hogs aren’t native to Texas. In fact, they’re not even native to the U.S. They were originally brought to North America as a food source by explorers like LaSalle and Cortes, and they’ve been in Texas since the 1680s. Hogs were an important food source for early settlers, who sometimes were forced to abandon their homesteads on short notice due to raids and other conflicts. Their animals were left to roam free and fend for themselves, and so domesticated hogs became feral over the course of time, and their numbers steadily increased. During the 1930s, the “Russian” boar was introduced to the Lone Star State by a Texas family along the coast. These hogs had grown into heavy concentrations by the 1960s.

Bringing Home the Bacon: Great Guns for Hog Hunting in Texas

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Hog hunting is every bit as fun as a prairie dog shoot, only the targets in question are much bigger, a lot meaner, and far more dangerous—which allows you to use some big game guns, adding to the fun. There are multiple ways to hunt hogs. Go on a day or night hunt, stake out a baited position or ride them down in vehicles. There are even guys who ride in the back of a pickup and jump out to take down their target with a knife. No, we’re not kidding you—this breed of hunter actually exists in the Lone Star State. We don’t recommend it for amateurs, to say the least. Your preferred hunting method will depend on whether you’re after the bacon, the trophy, or the simple joy of the hunt. Regardless of your choice, has the perfect weapons and gear to make your hog hunt a Texas-size success.

Bolt Action

Savage offers a great specialized bolt-action rifle for hog hunting. Savage’s Hog Hunter features a 20-inch barrel, and the rifle is offered in several calibers, including .223, .308, and .338. The Hog Hunter is a great choice for the sportsman who prefers a bolt action. offers the easiest, safest online-buying experience you could hope for. Check out their Hog Hunters available here.

Lever Actions

Bringing Home the Bacon: Great Guns for Hog Hunting in Texas

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Winchester Model 94 in .30-30

We’ve made a compelling argument in an earlier story that every Texan should own a good lever-action .30-30. It’s also a great rifle for hog hunting. This smooth lever action is the perfect brush gun and can kill a hog at 150 yards. Visit here and snag the rifle that every Texan should own.

Marlin Classic Model 1895 in .45-70

This big game rifle is a lever-action lover’s dream come true. You can take down the mother of all wild hogs up close and personal with this finely-crafted, powerful weapon. It puts the bacon on the table. Get yours from here.

Handguns: Revolvers and Semi-Autos

You might like your hog hunting up close on foot. For hog hunting with a handgun, the Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 magnum is a great choice in a revolver. Check out the Rugers at If you’re looking for a semi-auto pistol, a .45 Glock is an excellent choice. Snag yours from here.

Semi-auto rifle

Bringing Home the Bacon: Great Guns for Hog Hunting in Texas

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It’s been said that the AR-15’s .223/5.56mm round isn’t big enough to take down feral hogs. However, legions of Texas hog hunters would disagree, and they’d be happy to show you the trophies they’ve brought down with their AR-15s chambered in .223/5.56mm. With the right optic from and the appropriate ammo, you can kill hogs out to 300 yards all day long. Feral hogs are usually spotted in a pack or “sounder.” Using a reliable semi-auto like the AR-15 allows you to take out more than one target before the sounder scatters and escapes into the brush. Get your AR-15 from and take advantage of their competitive prices and streamlined, safe purchase process.


Depending on your choice of weapon, you’ll want to snag the appropriate gear to make the most of every shot you take. If you’re a night hunter, you might want to invest in thermal sights. These optics can detect heat sources out to a range of 2,000 yards. Though they often have heavy price tags, their incredible image quality and long-range abilities are extremely compelling. Check out the excellent thermal options available from here. For the more budget-friendly hunter, night vision scopes are much cheaper than thermal sights and dropping in price all the time. See what’s available at competitive prices from

The Perfect Buying Experience

Bringing Home the Bacon: Great Guns for Hog Hunting in Texas

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Whatever you choose for your Texas hog hunt, has you covered. Aim to save big when you buy from, while experiencing the easiest and safest gun-buying option online. Their friendly, knowledgeable team works within the bounds of federal licensing and regulations to make it easier and safer than ever before to buy and sell firearms online. Their staff is always available for a friendly phone call to answer any questions you might have. Check out all the great offers from here and get your hog hunting gun today.