Watch as a Horse Introduces Itself to and Entertains a Curious Baby

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Tony Maples Photography


We all need a daily dose of cute to lift our spirits, and hopefully, a new popular video posted by can help bring a smile to your face. In the clip, a horse reaches over its stable and nudges a baby’s carrier until the child starts giggling. From the moment the horse hangs its head down toward the baby, the infant looks fascinated by the large creature. With more curiosity than fear, the baby squeals in happiness as the horse figures out that nosing the top of the seat moves the little delighted human back and forth.

Of course, as with any animal video, there are many YouTube commenters arguing about what exactly is taking place. Some people seem to the think that the horse was just trying to get a closer look since they can’t see very well directly in front of them, while another person seemed appalled that the parents would even let a horse get that close to their child. But along with the family member recording the video, commenter LOWE Sonia says that they feel the horse was very aware of what was happening. “He knew what he was doing. Horses are instinctive animals. They are extremely sensitive towards humans. If you form a bond that is respect and love. The Horse, like a dog will be your friend for life,” they wrote.