Houston Tex-Mex Restaurant Goes Viral With Hilarious Marquee

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Telling local media that their marquee sign was changed on May 28 and they don’t plan on changing it until it becomes cool enough to do so, El Real, a popular Houston Tex-Mex restaurant recently went viral for its hilarious take on Texas weather.

Getting state-wide attention (and beyond), Jess DeSham Timmons, general manager at El Real was interviewed by local media. This was thanks to a social media post from June 5 displaying the restaurant’s truly Texas signage: “Too hot to change sign, tacos are good.” El Real has a lot riding on their signage. The restaurant was voted Best Tex-Mex by the Houston Press in 2011, 2013, and 2016, recognized for having the Perfect Margarita by Texas Monthly, and voted the Most Authentic Tex-Mex Experience by Day Trippers.

Houston Tex-Mex Restaurant Goes Viral With Hilarious Marquee

Photo: Facebook/El Real Tex-Mex Cafe

“Our marquee is one of the best parts of our building; I figured we should use it to have a little fun,” Timmons explained. “We usually change it about once a week (unless it’s really hot).” El Real is known for using their signage to express a positive outlook and a good sense of humor, including such phrases as “You can’t make everyone happy. You aren’t a taco,” and, “Eat the taco. Your boots will still fit.” Taco jokes are nothing new to the Lone Star State, but the creativity this restaurant expresses in using them to “real” their customers in is definitely noteworthy. In the heat we tend to experience over the course of a Texas spring and summer, they’re simply trying to keep it El Real…