Twisted Iced Tea Recipes to Keep the Summer Heat Away

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Switch up your usual iced tea recipes from basic sugar and lemon to something more exciting. Make iced tea something exciting rather than routine. With these pinnable iced tea recipes, you’ll get all the inspiration you need to add some flair and flavor to your summer drinks.

Honey Mint Green Iced Tea

Honey Mint Green Iced Tea Recipe

Photo: Pinterest/Will Cook for Smiles

Though green tea does not often come to mind when thinking of teas to serve over ice, maybe it should. Try Will Cook for Smile’s honey mint green iced tea recipe for a sweet, refreshing take on tea. Mint ice cubes enhance the flavor of the tea while cooling it off. Plan ahead as this recipe needs to chill in the refrigerator before serving.

Iced Raspberry Mint Green Tea

Iced Raspberry Mint Green Tea

Photo: Pinterest/My Sequined Life

Fruity raspberry herbal tea and green tea combine for a refreshing drink in this recipe from My Sequined Life. To add to the flavor and texture, you may add fresh mint leaves and raspberries to each glass before serving. The recipe requires you to muddle these, which just means to slightly press them against the bottom of the glass while grinding. Either a muddler or a wooden spoon will work. Since this recipe features naturally sweet ingredients, you won’t have to add sugar, for a healthier alternative to sugar-sweetened tea.

Orange Vanilla Iced Tea

Orange Vanilla Iced Tea

Photo: Pinterest/Living Chic on the Cheap

If you love Blue Bell’s Dream Bars, you need to drop what you’re doing and make this iced tea recipe. Living Chic on the Cheap created an orange vanilla iced tea that brings the flavors of your favorite sherbet and ice cream bar together. And since it uses no artificial flavorings, only a real orange and vanilla extract, you won’t have to shop around for unusual ingredients to make this.

Cherry Long Island Iced Tea

Iced Tea Recipes: Cherry Long Island Iced Tea for Adults Only

Photo: Pinterest/Goodie Godmother

This recipe for cherry Long Island iced tea from Goodie Godmother is for adults only. Though most iced tea recipes are good for the whole family, this one isn’t. Sorry kids, you won’t be able to drink this liquor-enhanced tea. Make this iced tea for your next outdoor cookout or summer party.

Vanilla Coconut Black Tea

Iced Tea Recipes Vanilla Coconut Black Tea

Photo: Pinterest/Kleinworth & Co.

Iced tea recipes that infuse exotic vanilla and coconut are rare, which makes this recipe from Kleinworth & Co. that much more special. While vanilla commonly goes with hot tea, in a coconutty iced tea, it adds just the right amount of sweetness. You’ll have to use coconut and vanilla syrup, but many supermarkets sell these, as do several online stores and coffee shops. If coconut reminds you of summer, this will be the “summeriest” iced tea you can make.

Strawberry Orange Refrigerator Iced Tea

Iced Tea Recipes Strawberry Orange Refrigerator Tea

Photo: Pinterest/Onion Rings and Things

If you hate heating up your kitchen to boil water for regular iced tea, try Onion Rings and Things’ refrigerator iced tea. This recipe requires an overnight steep to get all the flavor of the tea without turning on the stove. Real oranges and strawberries flavor this fruity tea for a drink that refreshes any time of the year. And since you prepare it in the refrigerator, you won’t have to worry about hot tea getting watered down by melting ice cubes.