If Texas Actually Seceded, How Powerful Would It Be?

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Texas always seems to have an inside joke about seceding from the Union, but just how plausible and powerful would the Lone Star State be if it were its own country?

This video by TestTube News breaks down a few key issues when it comes to determining a place’s power and likelihood of survival if it were to become a nation. First, we learn that based on the population of the state compared to the population of the United States in 2014 that about 1 in 12 Americans live in Texas.

Due to the natural resources of the land, it has more farms and ranches than any other U.S. state, and it also is responsible for producing 35 percent of the crude oil in the U.S. If Texas were independent, TestTube reckons that it would bank about $1.5 trillion per year, putting it between Australia and Spain in 13th place in terms of large economies.

Additionally, because Texas has 25 military bases and the only nuclear assembly plant in the United States in its borders, these could be used to advantage should secession become a real issue.

However, Texas does fail at a few things that would enable it to thrive as an independent nation. Those are detailed in the video below.