Inspiration from a Bygone Era in New Braunfels, Texas

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Tony Maples Photography


Photos by Sonia Ramirez

Have you ever come across a place that inspires you? A place that brings a certain peace and takes you back into a different era? A place unlike any other where you can imagine a time long ago, with all its majesty and hidden treasures, ready to be unlocked by your imagination? Two such places can stir up that kind of inspiration, Faust Street Bridge and Founders’ Oak Tree in New Braunfels.

Inspiration from a Bygone Era – New Braunfels

New Braunfels is full of many hidden treasures, some of which have a long history dating back centuries. One such place that can take you back is Faust Street Bridge. “The Faust Street Bridge was constructed by King Iron and Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio in 1887. This monumental truss structure extends more than 640 feet in length across the Guadalupe River in New Braunfel,” says the Historic Bridge Foundation. “The Faust Street Bridge is also a rare type structure that is an extremely significant engineering accomplishment for its time.”

Inspiration from a Bygone Era – New Braunfels

As you come upon this bridge you are taken back to a time reminiscent of when the telephone had just been invented by Alexander Graham Bell so you could call up a friend to meet you on the bridge for a stroll along its wooden platform and gaze upon the Guadalupe River running beneath its towering wrought iron construction. One might imagine a lady in her Empire dress crossing to meet friends to take in a moving picture show. You could even imagine crossing the bridge in one of the first electric cars built in 1834 going to the party of the year. Faust Street Bridge in all its grandeur can conjure up a whirlwind of memories of times past and history made. Today, although it is closed to traffic, you can still find visitors taking a walk across or riding a bicycle and taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Inspiration from a Bygone Era – New Braunfels

Another such place you can visit in New Braunfels that takes your breath away is Founders’ Oak Tree in Landa Park. “Already steeped in local lore, the gargantuan live oak tree in Landa Park dubbed “Founders’ Oak” has gained statewide status as a “Famous Tree of Texas,” mentions The New Braunfelser Online. “Founders’ Oak, named and recognized during the Texas Sesquicentennial in 1986, is thought to date to about the year 1700. Its trunk is more than 17 feet in circumference.”

As you step into Landa Park and come up on this majestic tree, visions of a peaceful setting set in. You could imagine a soldier taking a rest before continuing on his path or a family enjoying the shade beneath its tremendous crown. Today, thousands have visited the “Famous Tree,” and there is even a time capsule buried below the tree that is set to be opened in many years to come. A legendary tree that seems never-ending extends its beauty far into Landa Park and draws you into all its majestic twists and turns. Founders’ Oak Tree makes you feel young enough to climb into its arms and take in the surrounding nature – and to escape to a time long gone.