Jack Daniel’s Fans Rejoice in Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

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The “Cat Ballou” movie quote says it best: “Hallelujah, brother!…” And so forth. What are we talking about? That’s the amount of excitement you’ll have from seeing two of the best things in the world blended together without aid or forethought by you, because that’s probably what you’ll say when you see that Jack Daniel’s has introduced their latest product – gourmet Tennessee Whiskey Coffee.

Infused as Opposed to Aged

Jack Daniel’s Fans Rejoice in Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

Photo: Pixabay

That’s right. You thought you had cornered the market on swapping out a dose of cream with a shot of Jack Daniel’s. Well, you might have. But the nature of the coffee market nowadays seems to be “everything old is new.” Roasters have recently taken to aging their beans in oak barrels, allowing them to pick up notes of not only the barrel itself but also its prior, aged contents. Subsequently, the makers of Jack Daniel’s determined to use their own assets and infuse coffee beans to not only their benefit but yours as well.

Whiskey in Your Coffee, or Whiskey-Flavored Coffee?

Jack Daniel’s Fans Rejoice in Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

Photo: Wikimedia

In partnership with World Of Coffee, the Jack Daniel’s company has produced and labeled their own infused, newly-ground, 100% Arabica beans. In a variance from traditional aging, the infusion intimates that the coffee company has conveyed the whiskey flavor in the roasting process instead of aging the beans in barrels.

A Match Made in Heaven?

Jack Daniel’s Fans Rejoice in Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

Photo: Facebook/Groundout Coffee

Aimed at the Jack Daniel’s fan, (who has been known to purchase everything from barbecue sauce to aprons,) Tennessee Whiskey Coffee is now available online or at the Lynchburg (TN) Hardware & General Store, and comes in your choice of 8.8 oz. tins or a 1.5oz gift bag. There’s also a decaffeinated version, giving you more options to enjoy a great brew by an equally great name.