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President Lyndon Johnson’s hometown was Johnson City, Texas. Johnson City is extremely close to the famous Lyndon B. Johnson Historical Park. Johnson City is also home to the Exotic Resort Zoo, which houses over 500 wild animals and 80 species. The Zoo is spread out over 137 wooded acres with several lakes and creeks.

Pedernales Falls State Park is located within Johnson City. Activities include camping, hiking, tubing, picnicking, wading, mountain biking, bird watching, fishing, horseback riding, and river swimming. The hiking trails are extremely family-friendly. There is a duck pond, quarter-mile nature trail to a scenic overlook of twin falls, and a viewing station that is wheelchair friendly. The Tobacco and Wolf Mountains hold a 7-mile long trail.

Johnson City, Texas holds several annual events: Blanco County Fair and Rodeo, 4th of July Spangle Dangle, Blanco County Fair and Rodeo and Big Carnival, Annual Wild Game Dinner, Johnson City Pig Roast, and Lights Spectacular Hill Country Style.

City Summary
Population: 1,361 (2010)
The Exotic Resort Zoo houses 80 species including 500 wild animals.
This area is President Lyndon Johnson’s hometown.
There are several popular annual events some of which include the Annual Wild Game Dinner, Blanco County Fair and Rodeo, and 4th of July Spangle Dangle.

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