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Keller ISD Schools Consider Changing Their Ranking System

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Keller ISD in the DFW area is considering changing their GPA ranking system. The Timber Creek Talon, the school blog for Timber Creek High School within Keller ISD, touched on the importance of taking a look at the current system with a quote from Assistant Superintendent Dustin Blank. Blank stated, “If you have students come through our system, you know that every year we do what’s called SOS, or Signs of Suicide screening. We’ve seen the 7% increase [since last year] in the students with outcries. Every time we had an outcry, we put them through an online screening and find out what it is they were stressed about, and one of the things that they mentioned was their academic stress.”

WFAA explains that a new option will give students less information concerning their class ranking and their GPA will only include data from the 17 classes that are required for graduation. Trustees will vote early next month to determine if the changes will go through. If it does, the new way of looking at ranking will begin with freshmen who are starting school next year, and the adjustment to GPA would follow a year later. Other districts in the state have already taken on this new way of looking at ranking and GPA.

If you’re interested in more details, see the Star-Telegram’s article on the subject here.