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Kenneth LeRose: The Traveling Texas Photographer

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How does a New York bodybuilder and model, turned photographer, explore Texas? These days, he travels to the Lone Star State by way of a 16-foot Airstream trailer.

Kenneth LeRose, or Kenny, was born in Long Island, New York. As a scrawny kid, he didn’t care for sports, but wanted an improved physique. He began weightlifting to rid himself of his “string bean” appearance. The successful routine gave him muscles, and from the age of 22, until now, his mid-thirties, he’s performed in 14 bodybuilding shows and also models for calendars. He will soon be in front of the lens again as he models for a bicep calendar.

Kenneth LeRose: The Traveling Texas Photographer

Photo: KRL Photo

Kenny liked making a living as a photographed bodybuilder but decided he’d prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. He says, “I noticed some of the pictures taken of me were good and some weren’t, and I wished I could be the one taking pictures.”

A photographer friend taught him settings, and he began his photo journey. While in San Francisco for a bodybuilding competition, he captured an image of the Golden Gate Bridge. As he looked at it later, he said, “Wow, did I do that? It looks real.”

Video: YouTube/TexasHillCountry

Kenny started his photography by snapping fitness competitions. After he captured the famous bridge picture, he launched his career with landscape and nature photography. He soon learned how to tell a story with his lens and made the decision to earn a living with his camera. He was off and running as a photographer. Oops! Perhaps driving and camping is a better description these days than the word running.

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