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Kerr County Roller Derby Raises $1,000 for Domestic Abuse Organization

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The Kerr County Roller Derby ladies showed what they’re made of during a recent bout with an Austin Roller Derby team, raising $1,000 for the Littlegrass Ranch. The Kerr County Roller Derby is a nonprofit organization that promotes health and wellness, empowerment, personal growth, and a positive self-image. They are an amateur, flat track, skater operated roller derby league comprised of strong, diverse, independent women. Part of their mission is to raise funds for community charities.

Littlegrass Ranch Helps Women AND Their Animals

Littlegrass Ranch

Photo: Facebook/Littlegrass Ranch

The recipient of the Kerr County Roller Derby Girls donation, Littlegrass Ranch is based in Comfort, Texas. Littlegrass Ranch offers a safe sanctuary for female victims of domestic abuse, their children, horses, livestock, and pets. The organization allows its residents to work at rebuilding their lives, knowing that their families and animals are also cared for and safe.

According to Littlegrass Ranch, of the abused women who go to shelters, an astounding 83% of them report that their abuser had either harmed or killed the family pets. However, out of the 1,500 women’s shelters in the US, fewer than 100 accept the pets belonging to victims of domestic abuse. Littlegrass Ranch is the first organization to focus on keeping horsewomen and their horses together. Their mission is to create a space to offer sanctuary and support for horsewomen and their animals as well.

Texas Chute Out: September 30 and October 1

Texas Chute Out

Photo: Facebook/Littlegrass Ranch

If you are interested in supporting Littlegrass Ranch, plan to attend their First Texas Chute-Out on Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1 in Boerne, Texas. Experience the excitement of this wild, Western horse event not usually seen in Texas rodeo. Now you don’t have to go to Montana to see this – it’s right there in Boerne, Texas! Proceeds from the event benefit the shelter. For more information, go to Littlegrass Ranch’s Facebook page.