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Keep Your ‘Hangry’ at Bay at These Hill Country Vegan Comfort Food Establishments

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In the Texas Hill Country, never let it be said that comfort food isn’t at the forefront of our hearts, minds, and stomachs. We hold entire festivals and celebrations around it! But for those who aren’t necessarily omnivores, and those that refrain from consuming all things which are animal by-products (milk, eggs, or cheese) we haven’t forgotten about you. Vegetarians and vegans have some great healthy, not to mention tasty options for dining in the Hill Country, including places that have put their own meatless spin on classic comfort food dishes, a few of which are listed here.

La Botanica

Keep Your ‘Hangry’ At Bay At These Hill Country Vegan Comfort Food Establishments

Photo: Facebook/La Botanica

“All Vegan, Always!” is what La Botanica’s website proudly proclaims, and their motto is to offer cuisine which isn’t just delicious, but also respectful of Earth and humans en masse. Located in San Antonio, their on-site garden provides them with fresh vegetables and herbs, and their seasonal menu provides customers with sustenance which is in-season and so comforting!

Counter Culture

Keep Your ‘Hangry’ At Bay At These Hill Country Vegan Comfort Food Establishments

Photo: Facebook/Counter Culture

Counter Culture is situated in Austin and serves “…internationally inspired vegan comfort food which is made daily on the premises.” And you can’t beat that. What started out as a food truck, now caters to vegetarians and vegans alike but is also popular with those who have a love of meat. They serve meatless, dairy-free and raw foods which are made from scratch and they do so with organic, fair trade and locally grown food from area farmers.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine


Photo: Facebook/Green Vegetarian Cuisine

Located in San Antonio, Green Vegetarian Cuisine serves delicious and affordable vegetarian comfort food such as Deluxe Nachos, Cauliflower Hot Wings, Portabella Steak, and Chik-N (a tofu patty) Parmesan. They also feature burritos and a Jalapeno Cheese Burger that could turn anyone vegan for a day!