Kids Learning Tube Talks Texas Counties in an Alphabetized Song

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Tony Maples Photography


With 254 counties in total, Texas is absolutely a huge undertaking when it comes to kids learning about their state. That’s why the Kids Learning Tube YouTube channel has made it a little bit easier by posting a video listing all counties in alphabetical order to a colorful video and song mix!

With a goal to educate both children and adults via music and animation, the Kids Learning Tube channel joined YouTube in 2015 and has had more than 137 million views for its great number of videos on everything from “Addiction” to “VY Canis Majoris” (which is a star, and we couldn’t find a video on their channel that starts with the letter z, so you get the picture.)

The Texas video featuring all 254 counties alphabetized and sung lasts for just over five minutes – but if you’re a kid and you’re trying hard to get these down pat, that’s five minutes well-spent. And, parents might find it refreshing to go through the list themselves with this video, since it’s probably been a long time that anyone’s asked them the various counties of the Lone Star State other than the one they reside in! Kids Learning Tube also has videos regarding the solar system, the human body, the periodic table, as well as basic learning songs. The vast amount of knowledge available in these short lessons (which won’t seem like lessons to your child) is invaluable indeed. Any learning tool that can assist a child to become more knowledgeable in a fun manner is an asset for a parent as well as a teacher.