The Last Cowboy Song Will Give You Chills [VIDEO]

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When you come across folks who’ve never been to Texas, little doubt exists that the images that dance in their minds about the Lone Star State include cowboys, horses, prairies, and cattle. And though many of the larger cities in our state are teeming with traffic, shimmering with metal and glass structures that reach to the sky, and are filling their landscapes with strip malls and chain restaurants crammed into the last of the wide open spaces, we who are lucky enough to live in the Texas Hill Country do get a glimpse of the best of  the stereotypical Texas of old from time to time.

Singer and songwriter Ed Bruce wrote and recorded “The Last Cowboy Song” so that the storied lives of the men on horseback driving cattle and caring for their ranches under the hot Texas sun were never forgotten. This video and the song  illustrate perfectly why strangers to Texas see the images in their minds that they do.

Video by YouTube user JDL9615.