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Lavender Fields (Not Strawberry) Forever in the Texas Hill Country

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Thanks to farmers that investigate soil types, alternative crops, and the natural environments that certain plants can flourish in, the Texas Hill Country, specifically the areas in and around Blanco and Fredericksburg, have become a hotbed for lavender farming. The alkaline limestone soil couple with the dry climate, not to mention a hearty entrepreneurial spirit, has produced thousands of lavender plants on various farms, and a niche market that the Hill Country can develop and support. The range of this market includes several great benefits for farmer and buyer, as well as you: the tourist and possible end-user. Here are some great things that result from the lavender fields in the Texas Hill Country.

Tours in Beautiful, Blooming Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields (Not Strawberry) Forever in the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Sharon Thomas Jacobson

The blooming season for lavender in the Hill Country is typically May through July. It’s at the height of this time that growers’ and farms often prepare tours for people to be able to, in effect, see the plants first-hand and walk through fields of lavender. They are usually farm-led, which means you can also learn something about the plant, its characteristics, and how and why it’s grown and harvested.

The Production of Lavender Products

Lavender Fields (Not Strawberry) Forever in the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Wikimedia/Aviad2001

The market in the Texas Hill Country can support the development of not only local products (soaps, essential oils, potpourri sachets, etc.) for retail or craft sale but also that of other larger buyers and producers of product that gets distributed throughout the country. The production component is also a tour that can be taken on the farms and in the outlets that make the products, and it’s a great way to see farm-to-business production processes.

Learning Something New

Lavender Fields (Not Strawberry) Forever in the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Pixabay

For example: did you know that lavender extracts are being used to flavor food and drinks? You can buy a lavender infused margarita of all things! And who wouldn’t want the dual benefits of the relaxation from the drink as well as the relaxation from the scent of the lavender? And there’s even lavender honey! It truly sounds tantalizing. These things and so much more can be learned by taking the time to visit the lavender fields/farms as well as the various brick-and-mortar stores that have developed in the Hill Country for the purpose of marketing lavender and lavender products. You can also take a class in aromatherapy or visit a demonstration on oil distillation. There’s a lot more that goes into the lavender market than the pure beauty that meets the eye!