2020 LEXUS LX 570 SUV: Experience an Amazing Car

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Sport Mode alters the powertrain for a faster speed and more dynamic throttle response. This allows you to pass a caravan of trucks quickly and easily. Then let the hammer down as it responds dynamically on less crowded roadways.

Normal Mode provides the optional balance of fuel efficiency and engine response. The Eco Mode (my favorite) moderates the throttle response, engine power, output, and climate settings for increased fuel efficiency.

For my purposes, the absolute best safety feature was the All-Speed Dynamic Cruise Control. The camera and radar work together, helping maintain a present speed and following distance from the vehicle ahead. Whether at highway speed or stop-and-go traffic, the system detects if you get closer than the preset distance and automatically stops the vehicle. Yep, even to a complete stop.

So when I faced crowded Houston traffic slowdown or suburban Woodland’s speeders, LX 570 did just fine.

You can only imagine the exuberance you feel driving down Sea Wall Blvd. With the Gulf waters on your left, high-flying gulls above, and Gaidos on your right—and the beach house just a couple of miles down the road on San Luis Pass.

Outside terrain or weather conditions made little difference to us on the trip. Lexus Enform elevates connected technology while delivering, emergency service with “concierge level convenience,” by providing communication with a live agent or remote. The patented system uses your audio or climate controls with various systems like a voice-activated Navigation System.

Lexus has a whole cadre of safety features like Pre Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert, and All-speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. But it was Panoramic View Monitor that was most worthy.

It had a wide front view and side view, while using four high-resolution cameras to create composite images of the vehicles near surroundings. It can be paired with a back-up view or wide back view, assisting with parking and maneuvering in hard-to-see areas, in real-time.

2020 LEXUS LX 570 SUV: Experience an Amazing Car

Photos courtesy of Lexus Newsroom

Mark Levinson is known in the sound industry as one of the finest. This elevated technology is world famous. The multimedia display features 450 watts with 19-speakers and 71-channel architecture. It offers enough clarity for listeners to identify the spatial position of each instrument in play.

A week later, on the drive home, my sweetheart smiled all the way. She reflected on the early morning walks on the beach and the nightlife of fine dining at favorite places like Fisherman’s Wharf and Mosquito Grille. I smiled also, remembering the truck-tire-sized onion rings served with fried catfish at The Black Pearl.

As we took the ferry over to the Bolivar Peninsula, I positioned myself on the top deck just above where we had parked the LX. Other passengers strolled by the car, pausing to look through the windows. Many of them made wonderful, envious comments about the car. Finally, not being able to contain myself any longer, I yelled, “That’s my car!” The thumbs up crowd smiled approvingly.

On the way back across, my wife made me stay in the car and asked me to remain quiet, please. At least she cracked the window a little, telling me not to talk to anyone as she locked the door. I looked around. I was the only person in their car. Of course, there were numerous dogs with their heads out the windows. I wonder if they were locked in, too.

Originally published in the Winter Issue of Heart of Texas Magazine.

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