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Local Sheriff Adopts Dog Chained to House During Texas Floods

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The rescue of Archer, the dog that was chained to a front porch during the Brazos River flooding, made national news. Now there’s a happy ending with a local sheriff.

Sheriff Troy E. Nehls of Fort Bend County rescued Archer, the two-year-old border collie mix that was chained to a front porch as the river rose. Left behind by her family, her rescue made national news as Sheriff Nehls led the charge in a rescue boat while out surveying flood damage. Archer was up to her sweet neck in the water and it was unclear if the river was still rising.

At the Houston Humane Society, as the Huffington Post reported, it was found that Archer had been chained around her neck for some time. Sheriff Nehls took his family to visit the sweet pup that he couldn’t forget, and a bond formed.

His family “voted unanimously to adopt Archer and make her part of their pack,” and she is fitting right in with the Nehls brood. Sheriff Nehls is completely horrified, as we all are, that someone would chain a dog to a home in rising floodwaters.

Someone was watching over sweet Archer that day, and delivered her safe and sound to a new family full of love.