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Texans take deep pride in our right to bear arms. From the honor we pay to the brave men who fell at the Alamo fighting for freedom, back in the early days of Texas history, to our enjoyment of hunting deer, dove, or wild hogs today, guns are an integral part of our culture. Now Texans have a unique option for discovering that perfect firearm. is your one-stop-shop for the best of new and used firearms. Certified Used

Their inventory of high-quality, Certified Used Guns is extensive and constantly growing, with new weapons added all the time. Aim to save big and hit the bull’s eye on the finest used guns on the market. Beyond the savings, you’ll also find added convenience. A trusted name in business for almost a decade, makes the gun-buying experience easier than ever before. The experts at are as friendly as they are knowledgeable about firearms and the purchasing process, and they work within the bounds of federal licensing to ensure your experience is easy, safe, and affordable.

Far more than a “used” firearm, the Certified Used Guns showcased on are vetted by experts so you can have perfect confidence and true Texas pride in owning a weapon you can rely on. Their on-site team of experts inspect each gun offered for sale. Your new purchase comes with a signed inspection certificate and will be ready to lock and load the moment it arrives in your hands. Browse through thousands of rifles, shotguns, and handguns on their simple-to-navigate site, or search specifically for that older, hard-to-find piece you’ve had your heart set on for years.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of a used gun online when you’re purchasing through the Certified Used Program. When you see the Certified stamp on a listing, you know the weapon you’ll receive is exactly what you want. That’s why offers the best return policy in the business when it comes to their Certified Used Guns.

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We Buy Guns is Your Lucky Charm for Buying and Selling Certified Used Guns

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If you’re looking to sell a firearm or two, is the quickest, safest way to make a profit. is a fully licensed FFL (Federal Firearm Licensee) that offers a hassle-free, legal way to sell your guns. You’ll get your money in only days—and all you have to do is box up the gun, because even pays for the shipping! They’ll send you a prepaid shipping label, then all you’ve got to do is drop off the package at the designated shipping location.

Whether you’re a firearm expert or a novice, the friendly team is there to walk you through the selling process. Real people will assist you with any question you might have. If you’ve got a new or used gun to sell, reach out to them, and their appraisal team will quickly give you a fair, competitive quote.

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The Commitment

Another reason that stands above the competition is their support for the values their products represent. has revolutionized the gun-buying experience while also working to help ensure future generations of Americans get to enjoy our constitutional rights. Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast or a newbie, you can’t afford not to check out everything has to offer. From their showroom of firearms to the latest news on gun rights and products, provides you with unmatched service.

As Doc Holliday might say, is your huckleberry! Explore here and find your favorite firearm today.