Give Your Home Kitchen the Flavor of an International Hotspot

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Making meals at home is a frugal practice which many partake in. But even those who are well versed around the kitchen can get bored. What is a solution to the domestic doldrums of home cooking? International markets! Commonly found in larger communities, these grocery stores are smaller than H-E-B but have wide selections of uncommon items and often feature low prices. Here is a listing of some international markets in San Antonio to inspire your palate.

Ali Baba, 9307 Wurzbach Road

Turn to Ali Baba for Middle Eastern, Turkish, Indian-Pakistan, Eastern European, and Persian delights. Spices, fresh bread, and meats such as chicken, beef, goat, and lamb are sold at this popular market, plus fresh fruits and vegetables like extra-large pomegranates and Persian cucumbers.

Boricua Food Market, 1015 Rittiman Road Suite 109

Looking for all things Puerto Rican and Caribbean? This is the place! Stock up on Scotch bonnets, red snapper, ox and pig tail, empanadas, and many other delicious items. This is also the perfect place to purchase an exotic hot sauce or two for the pepperhead in your life.

Give Your Home Kitchen the Flavor of an International Hotspot

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Sasha’s European Market 8023 Callaghan Road

Home to European foods from Russian, Poland, Germany, the Ukraine, and more, fresh is big here. Ingredients are all here to try your hand at making borshch soup and pelmeni (meat dumplings), or you can pick up Baltic beer, Hungarian salami, and Georgian wines. Those yearning to travel can pick up Russian souvenirs and gifts too!

Tienda Centro America, 3915 San Pedro Ave

Get all things tasting of Central America here, either via the international market or the in-house restaurant. Flavors of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras can all be found here. Try the pupusas and the fried plantains!

Give Your Home Kitchen the Flavor of an International Hotspot

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Vietnam Market, 5360 Walzem Road

Featuring Vietnamese, Thai, and other specialties of Asia, this store includes a meat and seafood counter with fresh crawfish, fish, and crab, as well as pork belly, goat meat, and more. A good assortment of fresh produce can be found, such as eggplant and melons, while available pantry items include rice, noodles, sauces, and snacks.

Don’t be intimidated by the unknown! At the very least, you’ll get to see bright colors and wonderful smells. Start with something small, like candy or produce.