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Mountain Home, Texas is an unincorporated community in Kerr County. The area was settled in 1856. In the early 20th Century, the town was known as Eura.

Individuals from all over travel to visit the Y.O. Ranch. The Ranch is an authentic 19th century ranch housing a variety of exotic animals. They offer 3-hour guided tours of the 50,00 acre ranch. They have 10,000 animals, 1,000 of which are registered Longhorns and 50 of which are Waterbuck, Ostrich, Impala, Giraffe, Antelope, Oryx, and Blackbuck. The family-owned ranch started back in 1880 as a program to important exotic species from Africa. These animals thrive in this area of Texas because of its close habitat to Africa. The ranch hosts controlled hunting programs, a kids summer camp, and on site lodging and cabins. Head out to Y.O. Ranch for an experience you wont forget!

The area hosts a summer camp, the Hill Country Cowboy Camp Meeting, for young christians looking to strengthen their faith, share their love of God, and renew friendships. It is a great christian family environment for those interested.

There are several day-hunting services within the area. A few include K-3 Ranch, Deer Li Hunting Services, Crenweldge Ranch, Y.O. Ranch, West Kerr Ranch, and D&D Ranch & Wildlife Services.

Looking for a place to stay? A few lodging options in Mountain Home are the Flagler Ranch Guest House, the Y.O. Ranch, the Sunset Inn B&B, Crazy Horse RV Park, and Johnson Creek RV Resort.

Mountain Home Texas

City Summary
Population: 96 (2000)
Elevation: 1,909 ft
The infamous Y.O. Ranch is an authentic 19th century ranch that houses exotic animals.
The Hill Country Cowboy Camp Meeting is a camp for Christians looking to grow spiritually.
There are several day-hunting services in the aera.

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