Move Over Georgia, Texas is the King of the Peach!

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How do you know when it’s summer in Texas? Easy! Sunshine, increased positive moods, and peaches galore! You start to see those wonderful roadside tents advertising “PEACHES!” everywhere you look. Sometimes Fredericksburg or Stonewall peaches are the most highly sought after, while some people have specific orchards they seek out every year. Some wait for the produce to hit the supermarkets, but many won’t settle for anything short of a sun-ripened peach picked straight off the tree. Admittedly, few things hit the spot quite like that first summer peach of the year.

Now that we’ve worked up your craving for a juicy peach, let us walk you through the best strategy for obtaining the best peaches, when to seek them out, and ideas for how you might prepare them. Sit back, this story is about to get juicy!

Where to Find the Best Peaches

Move Over Georgia, Texas is the King of the Peach!

You might immediately think of Georgia when the topic of peaches comes up, but Texas is home to some of the best peach growers and peach-picking locations thanks in part to our soil and climate. Whether you have a faithful producer in your own backyard or faithfully frequent the dozens of regional growers that are highly acclaimed, you know a good peach when you taste one.

You’ve heard of stonewall peaches, right? Welcome to the city called the “Peach Capital of Texas.” The little community of Stonewall lives up to its name with some of the best variety of peaches around. Not only that, but June hosts a full festival of peachy events. This year participants can enjoy the 58th Annual Stonewall Peach JAMboree, an event taking place from June 20 and running through June 22. Complete with a parade, music, vendors, and peach baking competitions, this is one stop peach-lovers won’t want to miss! Find out more here!

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