NASA Holds ‘Space for Art’ Exhibit Highlighting Employees’ Artwork

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Tony Maples Photography


In order to draw in artistic visitors and show that being interested in science can perpetuate the creation of incredible art, Space Center Houston has formed a group exhibition called “Space for Art.” In the show, visitors can view artwork from NASA engineers, scientists, and astronauts.

The idea for the art show was conjured up by retired astronaut Nicole Stott. Then the concept was put into motion by the senior exhibits developer at Space Center Houston, Carmina Mortillaro. The exhibit includes an instrument played in space, a quilt, drawings, stained glass, poetry, and even a homemade skateboard.

Stott herself is known for painting watercolor pieces in space! She went on two NASA flight missions and stayed on the International Space Station. explains how she was able to use the medium in zero gravity. “You have to squeeze water out of a tube and then dip your brush into the droplets, which are float around weightless. Then you select a color from your palette and apply it to paper fastened down firmly with Velcro,” they write. Photos of her artwork can be seen on her website.

The exhibition is only up through March 29th, so grab your tickets here to visit Space Center Houston.