Extra Credit for Officer Who Helps University of Wisconsin-Stout Student

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Tony Maples Photography


Last month, in Menomonie, Wisconsin, a police officer clocked a vehicle speeding. He pulled over the driver and asked him what the rush was. The student informed the officer that he was late to give a presentation in class.

The student added that he did not know how to tie his necktie and he had driven to a friend’s house for assistance. The friend wasn’t home so now the student was running late for his presentation and still didn’t know how to tie his tie.

According to FOXLA, before asking for his license and insurance, the officer asked the student for his tie, then loosely tied it around his own neck before handing it back.

“While I do this, why don’t you grab your proof of insurance and your driver’s license real quick,” Officer Folczyk said. “Probably not the best knot, but it will work.”

“Better than what I was going to do,” the student said. “Thank you so much.”

The story gets better. After the police chief reviewed the video of the traffic stop, he invited the driver to the station and taught him how to tie his own necktie.

Kudos to Officer Folczyk and the Menomonie Police Department for understanding the slogan to protect and to serve.