This Old Couple Can’t Stop Laughing After Pulling a Water Bottle Prank

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Tony Maples Photography


The “water bottle prank” has been circulating around the internet for a while now. It’s a simple prank disguised as a magic trick where the “magician” convinces a loved one that they’re going to magically transfer a coin placed underneath a water bottle into the bottle without pulling it out from underneath it. But when the “victim” is asked to lower their head down to check and see if the coin has suddenly moved from outside to inside the bottle, they’re treated to a face full of water from the tricky “magician.”

The prank can have some varied results. Most people get playfully (or perhaps not-so-playfully) irritated at their friend who convinced them to look inside the water bottle, but a new viral video uploaded by Pranks for Laughs shows the cutest of older couples having a great time with the prank. While watching, you can tell that the wife is so excited to pull this trick on her unsuspecting husband, and his reaction is so joyful that it might give you some new relationship goals! Don’t we all want someone who will laugh at our jokes with this much love?