This Once-Abandoned Haunted Mansion Gets a Facelift: Stewart Mansion’s Ghosts

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Once upon a time, Stewart Mansion in Galveston, Texas, was once the site of many tales of hauntings and ghosts stories legendary on the Island of Galveston. An abandoned property that for years sat as a reminder of its torrid past and an eyesore for the community, it was also a magnet for ghost hunters and, unfortunately, vandalism.

The history of this place, along with the land upon which it was built, is interesting. According to an article published by cristanwilliams.com, titled “Stewart’s Mansion: War, Cannibals, Pirates, and Ghosts,” this once abandoned and mysterious property has been remodeled in recent years. Check it out in the YouTube video below.

According to Cristian’s research, the story goes that the “history includes Native Americans who ate human flesh, a very real and very famous pirate, a war and ghosts.” It’s all part of the fabric of this mansion.

The architecture and landscape of the property, along with the interesting pirate murals that were once prominent inside, made this mansion all the more intriguing for visitors and ghost hunters. According to history uncovered by Cristian Williams, “Stewart Mansion was built on the land in which Karankawa warriors went to war with Lafitte’s men in what is known as the Battle of the Three TreesJean Lafitte was an honest to goodness pirate who built a pirate colony of more than 1000-strong on Galveston Island.”

Many are the tales of this once abandoned haunted mansion such as the pirate murals that are said to change places, ghostly voices and footsteps that are said to have been heard, and apparitions of ghosts that are said to have been seen by those who dared to visit. One of the last owners was Marco Stewart Sr. He was the founder of Stewart Title Company, according to the hauntedchef.com, and Stewart is said to have his family cemetery located somewhere on the property. “There is an urban legend that the family was killed and put into the walls of the mansion by Stewart himself before he committed suicide.”

No longer will you be able to wander the empty halls of Stewart Mansion, though, as it has been in renovation for the past few years and has been given a total facelift, complete with neighboring condos and a resort pool. The mansion has been restored to an unrecognizable site. However, did the ghosts get the eviction notice? Only time will tell if occupants of the new property hear things that go bump in the night.