Owners of the Bluebonnet House After Vandeveer: Bluebonnet House 5

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Nathan Alexander Cavin, Builder of the Eastern Addition to the Bluebonnet House.

The fifth owner of the Bluebonnet House was Nathan Alexander Cavin. He bought the property from Emily Vandeveer Christian and her husband, John Campbell Christian, in late 1870. Much of the following information comes from “Burnet County History,” by Darrell Debo.

Nathan was born around 1845 in Alabama, and a Cavin descendant stated that he died in 1908 in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. A check on the internet does indeed show that he is buried in the Rodeo Cemetery, Hidalgo County, New Mexico. He married Sarah Augusta Powers in 1872 in Burnet County. Their five children were all born in the rock house, the dates of their births ranging from 1873 to 1882. Nathan arrived in Bumet County sometime in the 1860s with his father, William Cavin, and several siblings. It appears, however, that Nathan did not occupy the property immediately, and that his uncle, Alexander H. Cavin, did. A. H. Cavin was born in Georgia and was in Burnet County prior to October of 1855, as he married his second wife, Charlotte Barton, in that year as the Burnet County Courthouse records reveal. Charlotte was the daughter of Jefferson Barton, a veteran of the battle of San Jacinto. It was apparently during his tenure in the Bluebonnet House that the Ruthven Masonic Lodge met there. Sometime prior to 1873, A. H. Cavin built a limestone house in the southeast part of the town of Burnet and lived there, probably for the rest of his life. A likely explanation of Nathan’s whereabouts is that shortly after arriving in Burnet County, he joined a cattle drive going west toward the Pecos country to the Navajo Indians. This story was gleaned from Nathan’s obituary. The cowboys numbered from eight to 15 men.

Owners of the Bluebonnet House After Vandeveer: Bluebonnet House 5