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Fredericksburg’s Pacific Combat Zone: Battle Reenactment at Its Finest

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Tony Maples Photography


Visitors to Fredericksburg are often surprised to hear a war going on in town.  This is the Nimitz Museum’s Pacific Combat Zone, where reenactors demonstrate the weapons and tactics of both the American and Japanese armies. The presentations are made in a completely new facility designed to simulate the Pacific battlefields as closely as possible.  The next presentations are October 7 and 8 and November 11 and 12. And, if you visit, you will be given a set of earplugs!

Women of War are Represented, as Well as Men.

Pacific Combat Zone Women at War

Photo: Robert C Deming

This group of vocalists perform in authentic uniforms representing all of the branches of the armed forces.

The Battle Rages!

Pacific Combat Zone Battle

Photo: Robert C Deming

The presentation is about an hour long, with a demonstration of the equipment and weapons of both Japanese and U.S. soldiers. In the dramatic conclusion, the Army and Marines storm the Japanese stronghold on the hill.

The Battle is Over, the Story Told, and the Crowd Cheers

Pacific Combat Zone Re-enactors

Photo: Robert C Deming

Half of the reenactors on the scene this Sunday morning are active-duty military from around the central Texas area. Some are on their first re-enactment, others are veterans of many presentations.

Meet the Reenactors After the Show

Pacific Combat Zone Teacher

Photo: Robert C Deming

This veteran reenactor was a teacher for 33 years; now he teaches history in a different way. By the time the presentation is over, you will know about the lives of the soldiers in a way you can’t learn from a static display.

Someone Has to Play the Japanese Soldier!

Pacific Combat Zone Japanese Soldier Re-enactor

Photo: Robert C Deming

Even though this reenactor looks intimidating, he is jovial and fun and loves playing the role of the Japanese soldier.