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Pedernales Falls State Park Video Relates its True Tranquility: A Place to Find Yourself

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“This is about as good as you get in the Hill Country,” Park Superintendent Bill McDaniel said of Pedernales Falls State Park in a video posted by Texas Parks and Wildlife on their official YouTube channel. The video, running just over three minutes, features some of the parks best highlights (well, as much as you can cram into a promotional one such as this, but what a great one it is!) Identifying that the falls themselves (the eponymous feature of the park) are the biggest attraction, McDaniel goes on to explain the uniqueness of the geological area in which the park and the falls are situated, being more than one million years old, and having the water erode the rock canyon down until it’s extremely “steep, wide, and very pretty.”

Focusing on the tranquility of the park and its location, the official video on behalf of Pedernales State Park also looks at its other valuable traits such as its bird-viewing blind (with a great live clip of hummingbirds, among others), as well as the wildlife that attend to the bird feeding stations as “moochers” according to the Superintendent (jokingly). Highlighting the parks camping options, including a remote backpacking area requiring a two to two and a half-mile hike to reach, it also includes mention of the great picnicking and swimming elements of this beautiful area, including Twin Falls, with its lush vegetation and its tranquil setting.

When referencing Twin Falls in the park, McDaniel says he thinks “it matches, or comes close to anything the world has to offer,” and we’d have to agree. Located on the Pedernales River, approximately 10 miles east of Johnson City, Pedernales Falls State Park was at one time a working ranch. In 1970, the state purchased the property, which at the time was called the Circle Bar Ranch, and opened it as a state park in 1971. Tubing, swimming, fishing, and camping of all types, as well as equestrian trails, hiking and mountain biking trails, all to be had in a peaceful setting such as this in the Texas Hill Country is a great place to find yourself, and one which you should plan to visit in the near future.