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Photos of Hope Shining Through the Devastation of Harvey

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In the midst of such destruction emerged some heartwarming photos of the youngest of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Even through the devastation, these photos served as a shining beacon of hope that the city of Houston and beyond will rise again and rebuild.

Houston area photographer Clarice Brito-Salcido, the owner of Cici Loo Photography, grabbed her camera as her children had grown restless and let them outside for a while to play with the other children of the neighborhood after the storm passed.

Her photos captured the innocence of the youngest among us and have captivated the hearts of many in a time where all hope seemed lost. According to an article by KHOU, Clarice started taking photos of her son and daughter and had no idea they would resonate with thousands over the internet.

“Her 6-year-old son, Giovanni, grabbed an American flag from the garage and ran down the wet streets with a smile, his rain-soaked friend Garreth running beside, and the flag blowing behind,” shared KHOU. Brito-Salcido, who is also a teacher at Atascocita High School, stated that she didn’t realize what she had captured until she was looking them over on her computer.

“She’s now using the photo as a way to raise money to help students and teachers from Kingwood High School recover after the school succumbed to heavy flooding and will be closed for the school year,” shared KHOU. She has also given an apparel company permission to use the cover photo above to design t-shirts of which the proceeds will be donated to flood victims.

Below are a few of the heartwarming photos captured by Clarice Brito-Salcido showing the resilience and happiness shining through even the toughest of times many cities faced from Hurricane Harvey.

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Photo: Facebook/Cici Loo

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