Flan Recipes Make Fall Afternoons a Little Sweeter

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Flan recipes perfectly complete any Tex-Mex or Latin meal. In its traditional form, flan consists of a dense custard topped with a sweet caramel sauce. Just as many other dishes have innumerable variations throughout Latin cultures, the same is true of flan recipes. Pin these sweet recipes if you still crave flan but want something a little different.

1. Coffee Flan

Photo: Pinterest/The Flavor Bender

Can’t decide between flan and coffee after dinner? Why not have both? The Flavor Bender presents a tasty recipe for coffee-flavored flan, made with real, caffeinated coffee to give you a boost and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Magic Flan Cake

Flan Cake

Photo: Pinterest/Jo Cooks

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Think about cake and ice cream or cookies and cream ice cream. These combine two standard desserts to make something greater. That’s exactly what Jo Cooks did with this magic flan cake recipe. A chocolate cake on the bottom supports a creamy flan on top. Pin this to your flan recipes board today and make it as soon as you can. You may have found a new favorite cake recipe in this dish.

2. Strawberry Flan

Flan Recipes Strawberry Flan

Photo: Pinterest/Sugar Salt Magic

Fruit usually does not appear in flan recipes, but it does in this one from Sugar Salt Magic. Not only does this dish benefit from fresh strawberries atop a creamy flan, it’s also easy to prepare. The recipe is so straightforward that the creator calls it simple strawberry flan. Make this for an afternoon snack or a light dessert.

3. Low Carb Lemon Mascarpone Flan

Photo: Pinterest/Key Ingredient Recipes

Don’t sacrifice flavor just because you follow a low-carb diet. This mascarpone flan recipe from Key Ingredient Recipes uses lemon juice and zest to add a citrusy tang to this creamy dessert. Now, you can have your flan and eat it, too, even while sticking to your diet.

4. Gingerbread Flan

Flan recipes gingerbread flan
Photo: Pinterest/Dessert for Two

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