Thankful for Pinterest: 5 Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Black Friday is also the first day of the marathon search for Thanksgiving leftover recipes to use the remainder of the feast from the day before. It’s time to get creative not just with the turkey but with the sides, too. Pin these Thanksgiving leftover recipes to use for your extra meat, sides, and more. But, remember your leftovers will only remain good to eat for up to three days after Thanksgiving, if properly refrigerated.

1. Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie with Stuffing Crust

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Shepherd's Pie

Photo: Pinterest/Jenni Field’s Pastry Chef Online

Combine all your leftovers into a creative shepherd’s pie with a stuffing crust from Jenni Field. The filling adapts well to whatever leftovers you have, but make sure you’ve got enough stuffing for the crust and mashed potatoes for the topping.

2. Thanksgiving Stuffing Cakes

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Stuffing Cakes

Photo: Pinterest/Well Plated

How do you improve on the bready, flavorful stuffing served at Thanksgiving? How about adding cheese, shaping it into patties, pan frying the stuffing, and serving it under eggs for a breakfast alternative to English muffins or pancakes? That’s exactly what Well Plated’s recipe for stuffing cakes does. You’ll be eager to wake up on Black Friday for this breakfast.

3. Leftover Stuffing Waffles

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Stuffing waffles

Photo: Pinterest/Just a Taste

Waffles are not just for breakfast. Break out your waffle iron to make Thanksgiving leftover recipes such as these stuffing waffles from Just a Taste. Use leftover gravy and cranberry sauce as toppers for these savory waffles instead of maple syrup. You can even make a turkey sandwich out of a pair of these waffles and leftover turkey, though it may be too messy to eat with your hands.

4. Thanksgiving Leftovers Stromboli

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes stromboli

Photo: Pinterest/betsy life

If you’re tired of turkey sandwiches, try these leftover Stromboli from betsy life. Though it looks complicated, the directions given make this impressive reimagining of a bread-wrapped meat easy enough for anyone. Save a step and use refrigerated pizza crust to make this dish even faster. Who knew leftovers could look so fancy?

5. Caramelized Onion and Cream Cheese Enchiladas with Turkey

Thanksgiving leftovers

Photo: Pinterest/Aunt Bee’s Recipes

Make your leftovers a little peppier by turning your turkey into enchiladas. Aunt Bee’s Recipes has the instructions for turning Thanksgiving turkey into a main dish that you will be happy to enjoy. With caramelized onions and tomatoes with diced chiles, this dish has just enough palate pleasing zest to shake up your taste buds, but the cream cheese tempers the heat to keep it mild enough for the whole family.