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My Possibilities University to Open as a Higher Learning School for Those with Special Needs in Plano

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Plano nonprofit My Possibilities has broken ground on a first-of-its-kind university for those with special needs. WFAA says that once My Possibilities University opens its doors, they will be able to give a college-like experience to around 1600 students every year.

Though My Possibilities University will not technically be an accredited university, the new location will continue My Possibility’s mission to give men and women with special needs the job skills they deserve to become more independent. The university will also encourage mental exploration in topics that interest each individual student. As the Dallas News explains, “The charity’s mission is to help special needs adults discover their talent, whether it be in art, music, drama or other vocations such as hospitality.”

The new 20-acre facility will provide a welcome step-up for the nonprofit since they have quickly outgrown their 23,000 square foot rental space where they are able to help 400 clients a week. Founder Charmaine Solomon says, “Our job is to help them develop that skill that will eventually turn into a job. Beyond high school, most people with special needs are put out to retirement, and we wanted to be something very different.”

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