PourMyBeer: Discover These Self-Serve Walls of Wine and Craft Beer

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If you are near Austin or Houston (or love road trips), and have a soft spot for innovative technology plus adult beverages, consider visits to Wanderlust Wine Co. and Moonshine Deck, respectively. These two beautiful establishments have partnered with PourMyBeer to create the ultimate self-serve experience which is social distance compatible. This user-friendly machinery is so advanced the U.S. Air Force utilizes it!

Wanderlust Wine Co. in Austin is now officially the biggest self-pour winery in the United States, thanks to PourMyBeer. This feature allows for a convenient 56-tap self-serve wall. Here customers can pour their own wines and pay by the ounce for any quantity chosen. It’s a dream for the “try everything” kind of person! Those concerned about the environment will be pleased as well: this system leads to a 96% reduction in the site’s carbon footprint and saves 2,340 points of waste from landfills. Taste bud-travel the world with the vast selection at Wanderlust Wine Co.; become your own sommelier and choose from traditional style wines to mead, cider, sake, sangria, and sherry. Check out the unique growler program, delicious onsite food truck, and virtual wine tastings at 610 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78701.

PourMyBeer: Discover These Self-Serve Walls of Wine and Craft Beer

Photo: Courtesy of PourMyBeer

Houston is also home to an innovative PourMyBeer system at Moonshine Deck, a haven for seekers of craft beers, ciders, moonshine cocktails, and more. Pour from the beverage wall to sample, compare, and pair with food. Payment by the ounce is the method here as well, so it’s easy to try something different with each bite of Moonshine Deck’s specialty smoked meats. Watch the game while sipping an Apple Pie Cocktail and chowing on a Brisket Grilled Cheese. This spot will be open soon, keep an eye on social media and make note of the location at 1239 W 19th Street, Houston, Texas 77008. Technology + selection = a good time!