New Program Has Police Watching Over Homes While Owners Vacation

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The Grand Prairie Police Department has begun implementing a program called Vacation Watch. According to the City of Grand Prairie website, it gives homeowners peace of mind when they’re traveling by asking “uniformed police officers or Citizens On Patrol” to check on their house periodically throughout the day.

“I just know it’s very simple to use. You just log on, you tell them the dates you’re going to be gone and just let them know, ‘Hey, please watch my house. Drive by, get out, look around if you want to, whatever,’” resident Peggy Emanuelson told Fox 4.

The form is straightforward and can be completed online. Even though it does warn that no one can guarantee that no wrongdoings will happen to your property while you’re gone, it certainly provides a sense of protection for homeowners.

Other police departments have similar programs, but Fox 4 says that Grand Prairie’s has really taken off due to social media sharing. In 2016 alone, over 600 people and businesses have used Vacation Watch. The popularity and success has lead many people outside of the city to ask that the program become part of their city’s Police Department.