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Help Raise The Roof at Dance Hall Benefit in Blanco

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Do you enjoy chili and barbecue? What about dancing to live music at a historic dance hall? If any of this sounds appealing to you, head to Blanco to the Twin Sisters Dancehall’s “Raise the Roof” fundraiser. Held on Saturday, September 23rd at the dance hall in Blanco, this truly-Texan event is one not to be missed.

Built in 1879

Twin Sisters photo

Photo: Facebook/TwinSistersDancehall

Mr. Max Krueger was responsible for building a dance hall and community center along with a bowling alley in 1879. These buildings were named The Twin Sisters Hall and Bowling Alley. In 1967 the bowling alley burned to the ground and was later rebuilt in Spring Branch, Texas. The dance hall continues today to host public dances on the first Saturday of every month and to serve the community as a center for family functions, educational workshops, and charitable functions. Twin Sisters Hall maintains these traditional uses and activities to preserve the historic dance hall structure and a way of life in the Hill Country of Texas.

Dance Halls Were Among The First Buildings in Many Communities

Dancers at Twin Sisters

Photo: Facebook/Twin Sisters Dancehall

In the mid-nineteenth century, early in Texas history, dance halls were often among the first buildings raised in new communities founded by immigrants from central Europe. Indeed, they were often the most prominent landmarks in these early settlements and the center for many activities

Incubators For Culture

Twin Sisters sign Blanco

Photo: Facebook/Twin Sisters Dancehall

It is evident that the dance halls have been incubators for a rich culture of numerous popular music styles, the diverse forms of “Texas music” as it is known around the world today. From polka to Tejano to Honky Tonk, many of the early musical influences that you hear on the radio today are deeply-rooted in the historic dance halls of Texas, just like Blanco’s Twin Sisters Dancehall.

In an effort to aid in ongoing repairs to the historic dance hall, this chili and barbecue cook-off will help fund repairs and keep the dance hall up and two-stepping for the foreseeable future. To learn more about this event visit the Twin Sisters Dancehall website or Facebook page.