The Real Story of the Battle of the Alamo [VIDEO]

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Tony Maples Photography


No one could argue the historical significance of the battle that took place at the Alamo Mission beginning on February 23, 1836, between the Texians and the Mexican Army. The battle waged for 13 days and became a turning point in the war for Texas independence.

Thanks to the defeat of the Texian army (which was greatly outnumbered) by General Santa Anna and his soldiers, more and more Texas settlers became determined to see Texas freed from Mexican rule. The renewed quest for Texas independence inspired an increase in Texian forces as more and more men joined the fight.

Several weeks later driven by the desire to avenge defeat and invigorated by the battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!”, General Sam Houston and his forces defeated a Mexican army nearly twice their size at the Battle of San Jacinto. This decisive victory ended the Texas Revolution and brought freedom to the Lone Star State.

Want to see the real way the story of the Alamo went down, check out this video below:

Video by YouTube user Wild West History, August 2014.