There’s a Red Ryder BB Gun For Adults & It’s on Our Wish List Now

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Christmas is coming, and that means kids throughout Texas will soon be making their wish lists and writing to Santa Claus! Do you remember the fun and excitement of going through a Christmas catalog or seeing the displays in store windows as a child, then rushing to write things down in case you forgot to tell the man in the big red suit what you wished for? The nostalgia of the holidays is never lost on folks as this time of year rolls around. We pull out the cartoon classics and movies that remind us of the fun times with family, not the least of which is “A Christmas Story.” But we’re also seeing a resurgence of the toys themselves that remind us of yesteryear. Well, feast your eyes on the latest blast from the past, made for Boomers through Generation X. Daisy Outdoor released an adult-sized Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, and we’re making our lists and checking them twice!

There’s a Red Ryder BB Gun For Adults & We’re Making Our Wish List Now

Photo: Facebook/A Christmas Story

That’s right. The iconic BB gun was the root of the theme for “A Christmas Story” and was quite possibly the passion of many a young person from the generation the film was set in (the 1940s) through those who grew up watching it (in the 1980s and beyond). It’s now an adult-sized option. Based on the works of author Jean Shepherd, “A Christmas Story” followed the adventures of Ralphie Parker (played by Peter Billingsley) in the beginning of winter in the early 1940s. He spends much of his time running from the neighborhood bully and daydreaming about his perfect Christmas gift, a “Red Ryder air rifle.”

There’s a Red Ryder BB Gun For Adults & We’re Making Our Wish List Now

Photo: Facebook/Daisy Outdoor

Now, for a limited time only, Daisy Outdoor is releasing an adult-sized version of the classic Red Ryder BB gun, which is noted as being “almost identical to the version many of us had as kids, just bigger.” The new model is said to be 36.75″ in length and can shoot up to 195 yards. A bb from this baby will also travel at 350 feet per second! Available in a two-rifle shooting kit (one for adults and one for kids), this nice little piece of nostalgia goes for $99.99 and can be ordered from Daisy Outdoor directly at the link available here. According to NRA Shooting Sports USA, “This Red Ryder for adult shooters keeps the same steel smoothbore barrel, lever cocking spring air action, and crossbolt trigger safety as it’s smaller, older brother. The 650-shot capacity remains as well. The weight jumps from 2.2-pounds to 2.95-pounds, and the overall length jumps to 36.75-inches, an increase of 1.35-inches over the original Red Ryder.” How do you like them apples?