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Remembering and Reimagining the Alamo: Texas History Preserved

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In July 2016, we reported that the famed Texas landmark known as the Alamo would undergo years of “studying, overhauling and fundraising” as part of a reimagining process. The historic Texas Hill Country tourist attraction found in the city of San Antonio has been the subject of a project designed to expand its footprint beyond its 4.2-acre complex, to incorporate “a modern visitor center, and recommendations on public art, pedestrian access and other area upgrades.” The plan was designed for construction to commence in 2021, with the intent of opening the redesigned space in 2024. Almost four years later, considerably progress has been made.

Before any new improvements can take shape, archaeologists are required to investigate the area. In that respect, experts would work to locate the exact areas of interest for archaeological review, using “ground-penetrating radar and digs.” According to project details, this work is necessary to “determine the location of the structural limits of the compound’s walls and how the landscape of the site has shifted over time.”

Video: YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

Shared on the CBS Sunday Morning YouTube channel, the video above features a Jane Pauley report on the recent 184th anniversary of the “Mexican army’s 13-day siege upon the Alamo mission in San Antonio, held by Texian supporters of independence,” recognized on February 23, 2020. In the meantime, archaeological updates on the reimagining of the Alamo have been regularly announced since the project began. News items have also been regularly shared online. In December 2019, it was shared that the bodies of three people, an infant, a large adult, and either a younger adult or a teenage, were discovered in the process. Regular presentations by the Alamo reimagining project development team have been provided to the community and shared for all those throughout Texas who are interested in learning more. They’ve stated that “the highest standards of Heritage Planning & Design are to be observed” throughout the course of the project. The project is being partially funded by the city, the state, and private fundraising. As we move through phases of archaeological research at the Alamo, information is continuing to be shared regarding the master plan on the Save the Alamo website, at the link available here.