Remember the Alamo and Texas Heroes: Celebrate the 184th Anniversary

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It’s time to pause from our busy schedules once more, to remember the Alamo and those brave men who died there. If you grew up in Texas, you learned about the Alamo in elementary school. I remember being fascinated by stories about such Texas heroes as Col. William B. Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett.

As a budding writer, I attempted to write and direct a play about the Battle of the Alamo in the sixth grade. I even cast myself as Susanna Dickinson since there weren’t many female roles. My play was something of a flop, running so long the bell rang before we got anywhere near the end. The mostly male cast had a great time, though. They entertained each other by clowning around or scuffling with each other instead of waiting to fight Santa Anna.

Thankfully, the people of San Antonio have plans to commemorate those “13 days of glory” more professionally. The 2020 Alamo Commemoration honors the 184th anniversary of the 1836 Battle with 13 days of special events and programming, through March 7. Dozens of unique events are free to the public, along with special paid experiences that happen only during Commemoration.

“Remember, a Musical”

Remember the Alamo and Texas Heroes: Celebrate the 184th Anniversary
Photo: Visit San Antonio

“Remember, a Musical about the Battle of the Alamo,” has two performances, at 2 and 7 p.m. on Saturday, February 29, at the Tobin Center. The Alamo, in partnership with the Tobin Endowment, presents this world premiere musical to honor those who gave their lives for Texas. Books and lyrics are by W. Blake Winchell, with music by Brett Strader. The 60-piece San Antonio Symphony will perform, with a 75+ voice chorus that features talent from around the country, and 11 actors. Tickets are available at the TobinCenter.org.

On March 1, see the “Immortal 32” arrive at 11 a.m., honoring the sacrifice of the 32 men from Gonzales with a living history event. Texas Independence Day Celebrations are held throughout the day March 2, as the Alamo hosts special events and demonstrations.

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