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Richland Springs Coyotes

Richland Springs Coyotes

Richland Springs is a town in San Saba County in western Central Texas. The population was 333 at the 2010 census. Richland Springs, Texas is a quaint little town located in the northern part of the Texas Hill Country about 15 miles west of San Saba on Highway 190. Like many other Hill Country towns, Richland Springs was founded with the dream of new beginnings and prosperity for its settlers. The town did quite well, for awhile.

Richland Springs, TX was founded by Jackson J. Brown. He settled near the springs of Richland Creek with his family in December of 1854. However, they did not remain there on their own for very long. The Tankersley and Duncan families soon settled nearby. In the late 1850s, Indian raids became and issue, as they did in most new Texas settlements, and Fort Duncan was built in 1858.

Fort Duncan was what is known as a settler’s fort. It was comprised of four family cabins, which housed roughly 30 people. The families would stay at the fort from fall to spring, at which time they returned home to tend to their homesteads. While at Fort Duncan, a hunting party would go out into the wilderness for meat during the day while the remaining men would stand guard to protect the families within its walls. The fort remained in use until 1865.

Richland Springs

City Summary
Population: 333
Elevation: 1,407 ft
While the Great Depression caused the towns growth
to become stagnant, World War II seemed to reverse the effect the Depression
had on the town of Richland Springs. Still more people opted to
call the town their home and the population grew
to about 600 by the early 1950s though
business growth seemed to struggle

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