What Happens When a Rosé Meets a Slushie? Sip a Cool Frosé

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Warm weather in Texas means we have plenty of time for sitting on patios, meeting up with friends for backyard barbecues, and enjoying all of the things that make the Lone Star State a wonderful place to live. It’s not necessarily a blessing when we hit the high digits in temperatures, although we’ll take the heat over some of the ice and snow that parts of our fine state have been known to get. And, speaking of ice, there’s an easy way to incorporate it into your summer festivities and cool things down just a bit. Feast your eyes on the Frosé, a frozen version of your favorite wine drink!

If you’re known for enjoying your Texas wine and if you love a good sangria or a big glass of wine at the end of your day, then this is the perfect drink for you. The staff at Bon Appétit magazine came up with a recipe that puts all of the taste of a rosé into a summer slushie drink you’ll love. They’ve even added fresh fruit to the mix, making it that much more enticing! The recipe is quite simple, and the preparation instructions are easy to follow. You’ll have to prep this in advance if it’s something you’re going to want to have after work, or on a weekend afternoon. It calls for a minimum of six hours in freezer time. In addition, there’s a little bit of kitchen work at the stove, incorporating fresh strawberries into this recipe, but it’s very limited, so you won’t have to worry that you’ll be hot and bothered before you get to enjoy your Frosé.

What Happens When a Rosé Meets a Slushie? Sip a Cool Frosé



Key ingredients for this recipe include:

A Bold Rosé



Lemon Juice


All of the step-by-step instructions for making this delicious icy drink are available on the Bon Appétit website at the link available here. This recipe for Frosé makes four-to-six servings based on a standard-sized bottle of wine. They call for a “bold” version of this popular summer drink, suggesting a Pinot Noir or Merlot rosé. In all likelihood, you can experiment with the brands and versions you’ve come to know and love, without fear that this will disappoint you in the end. The concept of having your wine in a cooler, adult-like slushie isn’t lost on us. We think you’ll enjoy this on a hot Texas day regardless of the brand and bouquet of the wine!