How to Safely Remove a Fish Hook from Your Arm [WATCH]

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Fish Hook in Arm

You know what it feels like. It has happened to the best fishermen (and women) in the world. It’s nearly impossible to avoid, and if you’ve done much fishing at all in your lifetime, you know just how painful and irritating it can be. Yep, that nasty old hook somehow gets astray and finds its way clawed into your arm, hand, finger, or leg. (Heaven forbid it gets hooked in your face somehow! But, I’ve seen it happen.)

Our friend Kevin at Total Fisherman gives us a great lesson on safely removing fish hooks from human flesh. In the video demonstration, the guide sticks four hooks (three large and one small) into his arm to show different methods of removing them.

So, if this ever happens to you or someone you love while out enjoying a beautiful day on the lake, you’ll know exactly what to do.

**WARNING** Graphic Content: He does insert the fish hooks directly into his arm on camera, and there is some blood, so don’t watch if you have a weak stomach.

Video by Total Fisherman

Shown are three different methods of removing fish hooks buried deeply in a person’s arm. Four separate hooks are inserted and removed.