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San Antonio Botanical Garden Named Best Garden in the State

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FlipKey, a new Trip Advisor blog, recently named the San Antonio Botanical Garden as the garden to visit in the state of Texas. MySA.com says that “the list of the top gardens and other nature attractions in all 50 states was curated by ‘travel experts’  at FlipKey.”

What makes the San Antonio Botanical Garden so special? According to their website, the gardens cover 38 acres and feature seasonal walks lead by a Master Naturalist. “There are more than 250 plant species in collections that represent three ecosystems,” they explain. The three ecosystems include the Texas Hill Country with local favorites like juniper and mountain laurels, while mesquite and thorny brush represent the South Texas area. The final ecosystem is the East Texas Pineywoods where visitors can expect to see pine and Sassafras.

While walking through the regions, tour guides point out how the plants interact with animals and insects. Visitors who love birding can join specific tours that will help them spot the local wildlife.

But San Antonio Magazine points out that the city’s gardens host more than gorgeous plants. The facility also has “historic log cabins, a string of state-of-the-art conservatories and evolving, interactive art installations” which elevate it to another level.