San Antonio Charity Hands Out Over 800 Backpacks to Disadvantaged Children

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Chrysalis Ministries put out a plea to the San Antonio community. They wanted to equip the children of incarcerated people in adult and juvenile detention and treatment facilities in the San Antonio area with school supplies for the beginning of the school year. And boy, did San Antonio-area organizations and businesses deliver!

The drive, held at the beginning of August, resulted in over 800 backpacks being given to children in need. With help from the Bexar County Sheriff Department, San Antonio Fire and Police Departments and many other local businesses, the organization had a successful charity drive that affords these children the best start to the school year.

Helping Those Affected By Incarceration

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Photo: Facebook/Chrysalis Ministries

Chrysalis Ministries aims to help people affected by incarceration start anew by offering support and services to families that help empower them to overcome the consequences of incarceration. Chrysalis Ministries was started in 1941 with a small group of local pastors who provided worship services and pastoral counseling at the County Jail. Incorporated as a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) agency in 1972, Chrysalis Ministries staff and volunteers provide religious services, support groups, and educational classes in ten adult and juvenile detention and treatment facilities in the San Antonio Metropolitan and Karnes City areas.

Stuff The Backpack 2017

stuff the backpack

Photo: Facebook/Chrysalis Ministries

Chrysalis Ministries regularly provides a wide variety of interfaith chaplaincy services, life skills and re-entry classes to approximately 40,000 incarcerated individuals in nine detention and treatment facilities in Bexar and Karnes Counties. Their latest effort, called “Stuff The Backpack” brought volunteers and donors from all over the area, providing school supplies and manpower to ensure that the children of those incarcerated had all of the tools that they might need to start the school year off right.

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