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San Antonio Firefighters Attend Child’s First Grade Graduation After He Lost His Father a Week Ago

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In a moving display of solidarity, a group of 50 firefighters from the San Antonio Fire Department showed up at Lieck Elementary on May 30th to support Tyler Deem at his first grade graduation ceremony. Seven-year-old Tyler’s father tragically died only a week prior in a fire.

“We are a brotherhood unlike no other and I have brothers from all over this country that work in various departments that would, in an instant, drop what they are doing if I, or any other brother, needed something,” firefighter David Cevallos told MySA.com. The SAFD lined the walls of the room while Tyler graduated as a visual reminder to the boy and his family that they’re not alone, and they’re part of a caring community.

Days later, the San Antonio Police Department lead a similar act of support for Nicholas Moreno whose dad was killed in the line of duty when he was also only seven-years-old. Photos posted by F.j. San Miguel on Facebook show a large group of officers with signs of congratulations and honor for Nicholas who was graduating from Samuel Clemens High School. Even after 10 years had passed, the SAPD was there to support the Moreno family, proving that San Antonio’s police and fire departments are serious about their commitment to the families of their fallen colleagues.