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San Antonio Resident Wins $5M on Scratch-Off Ticket

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Jackpot! A Texas Hill Country resident recently became an instant millionaire after scratching a $5 million prize in the “Ultimate Millions” Texas Lottery scratch ticket game. Azelian Pratt bought the ticket at a store on Commerce Street in San Antonio, and the rest is history!

San Antonio Resident Wins $5 Million in Scratch-Off Ticket

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Announcing the win this week, the Texas Lottery identified that Pratt had claimed the winning ticket, winning the first of the three top prizes available in the game. Stanley’s Ice House, reported to be the retailer of the winning ticket, is potentially eligible for a $10,000 retailer bonus. The $5 million win for Pratt and the $10,000 retailer bonus are a boon for the winner and the store that the Texas Lottery is proud to announce.

San Antonio Resident Wins $5 Million in Scratch-Off Ticket

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“Ultimate Millions” offers a total prize board of more than $139.8 million. The odds of winning any prize in this particular scratch ticket game has been reported by the Texas Lottery as being one in 3.16 (with 30 opportunities to win per ticket), and the cost for an individual ticket is $50, with the smallest prize listed at $75. Feeling lucky in the Texas Hill Country has never been an issue, but being this lucky is well-worth celebrating! Congratulations to Azelian Pratt. Enjoy the winnings!


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