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See the San Antonio River Walk Transformed with Christmas Lights!

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On the day following Thanksgiving, 2019, the San Antonio River Walk will look even better than it does all the other months of the year (if that’s even possible!). This iconic piece of Texas will go from beautiful to stunning with its annual Christmas light display. And with the displays all lit up, so too are the faces of those who visit it this time of year. If you haven’t yet made the trip, maybe this is the year you do so and take that once-in-a-lifetime tour!

Seeing this amazing Lone Star State treasure in its natural, luscious beauty at any other point in the year is incomparable in itself. “In Texas,” the River Walk website explains, “water has been a lifeline for many generations for centuries past. The San Antonio River is a source of a South Texas Treasure, The San Antonio Riverwalk. Development of San Antonio and its most popular tourism attraction has come a long way.” Seeing it all decorated for the holidays is something that’s practically priceless!

See the San Antonio River Walk Transformed with Christmas Lights!

Photo: Facebook/The San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk Christmas lights will be turned on from dusk ‘til dawn every night from November 29, 2019, through January 13, 2020. This amazing spectacle of holiday lights features 2,250 strings with over 100K lights draped over the tall, beautiful cypress trees which line the area. Since the River Walk is a public park, tours are free, 24 hours, 7-days-a-week. The San Antonio River Walk Association, in conjunction with the City of San Antonio, has donated the lights in this gorgeous downtown public display for everyone to enjoy. In addition, for more viewing pleasure, the San Antonio River Authority added lights north of downtown, in the Pearl District. Guests to the area can take a walking tour or enjoy the beautiful lighting via boat. There are also a number of great events happening in conjunction with this time on the calendar, making your visit to San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country even better! Visit the official San Antonio River Walk website for full details.