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SAPD Officer Responds to Noise Complaint, Ends Up Showing Up His Salsa Dancing Skills

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Leslie Sapp was holding an event for her child’s dance group (part of NXG Dance Crew) in a backyard on Saturday night when a neighbor called in a noise complaint. A few minutes later, a San Antonio Police showed up at the address. But instead of seeing an out of control party, he noticed that kids of all ages were dancing on the outdoor dance floor. Instead of immediately shutting down the party, the SAPD officer had a few of the dancers move aside so he could show off some of his own salsa moves! He even requested a special song!

“As a parent, especially these days, there is a lot of negativity in the world when it comes to cops, and he broke that stereotype. He didn’t have to take his time to do that and could have just (gone) in and shut it down,” Sapp told KSAT. She posted a video of the officer cutting a rug to Facebook to show how wonderfully he handled the situation.

The NXG Dance Crew brings together kids ad adults of all ages and backgrounds to compete in dance competitions and express themselves creatively. As one can see on their YouTube page, they specialize in hip hop choreography and dance battles.