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Austin Army Serviceman Comes Back to America, Gets $27K Bill From Texas Toll Authority

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After serving in Afghanistan and spending 15 months abroad, the last thing Thomas Peterson expected was a $27,637.30 bill when he returned home. “Right when I come home, I greet my family, everybody gives me hugs and I start collecting the mail… and there’s an envelope in there from the Texas Toll Authority,” Peterson told the news.

The outrageous bill is mostly made up of fees. According to the news, $1,412.30 worth of the bill is for actual tolls that the family passed through during the year, while $26,225 is added fees tacked on!

Of course, Peterson called TxDOT, but he was told the bill was now the responsibility of a bill collector. He says the two agencies are playing ping-pong with him, telling him that he must speak with the other to work out the matter.

Peterson says he’ll gladly pay what he logically owes. “I’ll pay the $1000. I’ll pay $2,000. I’m not paying $26,000,” he told KVUE. TxDOT is reportedly looking into the matter.

MyStateman wrote in May that unpaid toll fees will have a cap of $73 for every six month period if an amendment to SB 312 goes through. “Lawmakers say Texas toll agencies have a ‘customer service’ problem and needed a wake-up call,” they write.