This 4-Year-Old Shocks Church by Singing Bible Books [WATCH]

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Tony Maples Photography


At a recent church graduation in Mississippi, a 4-year-old takes a minute to show off his country singing skills while reciting the books of the New Testament. He’s a well-mannered 4-year-old boy who definitely  knows how to recite the books of the Bible in order, and he then decides to add some excitement to the end of his presentation. To the dismay of his teacher, he decides to stir the pot a little bit with a very famous Texan’s song!

This cutie from Mississippi shocks the crowd, his parents, and his teacher when he adds something to the end of his church graduation recital. While his roots are in Mississippi, his heart is in Texas with the famous King of Country music, George Strait, and his famous song. Unexpected by everyone, this 4-year-old tries to get as much in as he can before he sees his teacher coming. All we can say is, he must have some family in Texas!